KAR Nationals 2013


Congratulations to our Company Dancers on an amazing job at KAR's Las Vegas Nationals! Thank you to all the parents and families for supporting their passion for dance and making our trip to Nationals possible!

Specialty Awards:

Senior Photogenic - Leah Kilponen

Most Entertaining - Magic

Star Showcase Finalist - Heavy Eyes

Star Showcase Finalist - Fields Of Gold

National Choreography Award and Teacher of the Year- Terri Sue Dorn

1st Runner Up National Miss Junior KAR - Reagan Zimmerman
1st Runner Up National Mr. Teen KAR - Ferris Schley
1st Runner Up National Miss Teen KAR - Kailee Pettit
4th Runner Up National Miss Petite KAR - Ysabel Keaney
Judge's Choice Awards:
Spectacular Staging - Washed By The Water
Creative Visuals - Colors Of The Wind
That's Entertainment - Lola
Passionate Performers - Fields Of Gold
Sassy - Masquerade
Convention Scholarship Winners: Rachel Lauman, Gil De St. Jeor, Taylor Page
Overall Placement Awards:
National Primary Solos Ages 8&under
16th Overall - Transformation
25th Overall - Gorgeous
National Primary Solos Ages 12-14
2nd Overall - Girl On Fire
3rd Overall - The Get Down
12th Overall - Raggedy Blue
National Primary Duets Ages 8&under
8th Overall - Anything You Can Do
20th Overall - Baby I'm A Star
National Secondary Solos Ages 9-11
15th Overall - I'm Available
National Secondary Solos Ages 15&up
3rd Overall - Push Your Love Girl
11th Overall - The Way You Make Me Feel
National Secondary Duet/Trios Ages 9-11
3rd Overall - One Feather Tail
National Intermediate Solos Ages 9-11
1st Overall - Everyone's Waiting
5th Overall - Mr. Me Too
National Intermediate Solos Ages 12-14
11th Overall - I'm Getting Good At Being Bad
16th Overall - Help The People
18th Overall - Speak Your Mind
National Intermediate Duets Ages 12-14
5th Overall - Fall Of An Angel
National Elite Duets Ages 12-14
2nd Overall - The Lion's Mane
National Primary Large Groups Ages 8&under
1st Overall - Cabin Fever
6th Overall - Back In Time
National Primary Small Groups Ages 8&under
12th Overall - Magic
National Secondary Small Groups Ages 9-11
1st Overall - Fields Of Gold
7th Overall - Crime Of The Century
National Secodary Small Groups Ages 12-14
8th Overall - Lola
National Secondary Large Groups Ages 9-11
3rd Overall - Beat Stew
7th Overall - Rolling In The Deep
National Intermediate Small Groups Ages 9-11
1st Overall - Miss Baltimore Crabs
3rd Overall - B-Line
National Intermediate Groups Ages 12-14
4th Overall - Heavy Eyes
6th Overall Army Wives
11th Overall - Elevate
National Production
5th Overall - Rio Carnivale